Summer Crafts For Kids

Now that most schools in Dubai are already out, the kids are home and most families are looking forward to going away for the summer or if they're staying put for the summer, they're looking forward to summer camp. Whatever your scenario, the fact is that the kids are probably home for a few days with nothing to do and we all keeping kids busy and occupied is NO easy task.

Here are some great, easy and simple tasks to keep your kids busy and out of bigger messes. Moreover, these little crafts will give you some great bonding time and wonderful memories too!

Bean Mosaic: Using stuff that you probably have lying around at home, like beans and glue, this little craft is great for kids of any age. It's bound to keep them busy for hours, and you might have a great piece of artwork to hand around the house or a gift to give away to a loved one :)

Tissue Box Monsters: This is a great craft because the kids will get to really channel their creativity, and it's a green craft too. Start saving those tissue boxes and make these adorable tissue box monsters with just googly eyes, pipe cleaners, clue and craft paper!

Recycled Newspaper Beads: If you are the creative type and have plenty of time, you might want to try this with your kids. It's a lot of work but the end result is so pretty and they'd make such great gifts! Moreover, major green points!

felt beads - and paper bead necklace

And of course, the recycled crayon fun: Collect all those broken crayon bits and put them together to make new crayons. New crayons, especially if they're in cool shapes and sizes, means that the kids take a renewed interest in coloring again.

You might want to make some easy-peasy two-ingredient slime for the younger kids as well!  Just clear glue, starch and a bit of food color should keep the younger ones busy for hours.

For cooler evenings, you might want to make a bubble snake! Again this is a super-green craft because all you need is a plastic bottle and some fabric and your kids spend some time making huge bubbly snakes!

If you have a garden or outdoor space, you might want to try and make a water wall. It's sure to keep the kids busy with water play for hours! It looks like enough fun that it might pull the adults in too!

water wall testing

And definitely make a summer boredom activity jar. This would be great whether you're staying in town over the summer or traveling for those stretches of time between other activities, or summer camp. Simple activities tailored to your family's interests, ages and location could mean that you don't have to listen to continuous strains of 'Mommy, I'm bored! What shall I do now?!'

Do you have any other great summer craft or activity ideas? Share them with us here in our Comments section, please! Thanks!


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