Make Valentine's Day special for your Kids!

It's that time of the year again. People are gearing up to celebrate all the love they have been blessed with - their parents, their partners and spouses, friends and family and of course, their kids. Kids enjoy celebrations of this sort the most, and last year, we talked about just celebrating V-day with the kids, so this year we thought we should write about how to celebrate your love for your kids this year - how to make them feel loved and a special, and big, part of your lives.


After the kids have gone to bed, decorate their rooms. Let them wake up to a floor full of balloons, or  maybe a balloon at the foot of their beds, a banner opposite their beds.

Decorate around the house as well. Use banners and wreaths and balloons to create a festive look!


Make all their meals special. Even the simplest breakfasts can be made fancy for V-day with a bit of tweaking. Shape their pancakes like hearts, or if that is too complicated to draw on a chocolate heart on the pancake or make a heart in their waffles. Use the tiniest heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out little fruit hearts, apples and strawberries or even bananas for their cereal.

For dessert after lunch and / or dinner, you could make heart-shaped brownies or a cake, or these pretty pink cookies. If you're not up to either of these, then you could just serve marshmallows on a stick, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with hearts.

You could make them heart-shaped sandwiches for snacks as well.

Cards and Gifts

Give them little cards, like this one, through the day. Or you could leave a note in their lunch at school, a note under the pillow, under their plates at dinner and so on. Give them a gift, whether home-made or store-bought. You could also give them little gifts through the day - like heart-shaped crayons, or stickers and so on.

Say It!

And last, but not least, tell them how much they mean to you through the day. Talk about how you waited for them to arrive, talk to them about their childhood, share some of your sweetest memories of them with them.

So those are our ideas. What do you think of them? Have any other tips or ideas? How are you planning on spending Valentine's Day with the kids this year?  Share your thoughts and comments with us in the Comments section. Thanks!


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